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World’s most delicious dishes – Part1


I get that “best” is all relative, but I tried to get a good sample of dishes from around the world including some appetizers, main dishes, desserts and sweets. I grouped the recipes by region as best I could to make it easier to find certain cuisines. And although you will see some regions are more represented than others, this is due to the submissions I received rather than opting not to cover a certain country as I only wanted tried and tested recipes. If your country or a dish you like from a particular region is not represented please let me know if you would like to be added to this post with a link back to your own site so that I may include you and your fabulous dishes from around the world.


Aloo Gobi – India

Contributed by Lina from World of Lina

photo credit: ID 149430481 © Kravtzov; aloo gobi curry
photo credit: ID 149430481 © Kravtzov

One of my favorite dishes from around the world is the Indian dish Aloo Gobi. Aloo Gobi is a traditional vegan dish in which potatoes and cauliflowers are cooked with tomatoes, onions and Indian spices. It’s a real comfort food and best eaten with rice or Naan bread. I ate it the first time when I was in Bangalore and instantly fell in love with it.

Rasmali – India

Contributed by Mayuri from Fernwehrahee

photo credit: Mayuri, Fernwehrahee; Rasmali, Indian dessert - best recipes from around the world
photo credit: Mayuri, Fernwehrahee

India will never cease to amaze you with varied culture, architecture and delectable cuisines which are indigenous to various regions. There is a fact that Indians love sweets and an Indian meal is incomplete without having desserts in the end. The tourists go on food tours just to experience sumptuous cooking of different regions. Indian sweets are mostly milk based added with Sugar, Spices etc.

One of the famous Indian deserts is Ras Malai, basically West Bengal origin in India. A very soft and spongy in texture, Rasmalai is my absolute favorite sweet and it melts in your Mouth! Ras means Juice and Malai means cream, Ras Malai is made from Paneer (Indian cottage Cheese) and sugar. It is best enjoyed when served chilled.

Ras Malai is most Popular particularly during the festivals of Diwali and Holi. Though dessert is from Bengal, it is very popular in North India. I had the best Ras Malai during my Varanasi street food tour– a hub for milk based sweets. Once you eat this luscious dessert, it will remain forever in your heart and you will come back for more!

Shrimp Tempura – Japan

Contributed by Pam from Directionally Challenged Traveler

Shrimp tempura. Photo credit: Pam, Directionally Challenged Traveler
Photo credit: Pam, Directionally Challenged Traveler

Tempura, or batter frying, has been a part of Japanese culture since the 16th century. This style of cooking was brought to the island of Japan by the Portuguese and quickly became an integral part of a chef’s repertoire. Now, on most Japanese menus around the world you can find tempura options like vegetable, shrimp, fish, seafood, and even lobster.  When we had the opportunity to take a cooking class in Kyoto, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn how to cook it ourselves! Walking through the Nishiki Market in Kyoto, we learned about the local ingredients and the secret to great shrimp tempura – fresh, never frozen shrimp!

Sticky Rice With Fruit – Thailand

Contributed by Alexis from The Soul Traveler Diaries

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mango sticky rice (one of the best recipes from around the world). Photo credit: Alexis, The Soul Traveler Diaries
Photo credit: Alexis, The Soul Traveler Diaries

I was first introduced to this rich and flavorful traditional Thai desert while I was backpacking through Southeast Asia in 2018. While exploring the streets of Bangkok, I came across the Silom Thai Cooking School where I attended for an evening of cooking and learning about the Thai cuisine.  I fell in love with the flavorful dishes that we made during my classes, especially Sticky Rice with Mango. I love making this desert at home and it has become comfort food as well as a perfect desert or snack any time of the day.

Hummus – Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan

Contributed by Nina from Lemons and Luggage

Hummus, photo credit: Nina, Lemons and Luggage
photo credit: Nina, Lemons and Luggage

Hummus bi tahina (chickpeas with tahini), commonly known simply as hummus, is a popular dip from the Levant. It’s a staple food in much of the region and can be eaten at any time of day with bread. Yes, even for breakfast! The creamy, flavorful appetizer was always one of my favorite Middle Eastern foods and is one of the best choices for vegan food in Jordan. It’s not just incredibly delicious, but also a very nutritious and protein-rich food. As the name suggests, the main ingredients are chickpeas and tahini, making this a fairly simple dish to recreate.

Guinness Stew – Ireland

Contributed by Krystianna from Volumes & Voyages

Guinness Irish Stew, comforting best recipes from around the world. Photo credit: Krystianna, Volumes & Voyages
Photo credit: Krystianna, Volumes & Voyages

In my humble opinion, the best dish from around the world is definitely Guinness Stew from Ireland. Guinness is an Irish staple; you’ll find it on the menu at virtually every restaurant or pub in some form or another. It’s unknown where exactly in Ireland it originated, but one can only assume it must be from Dublin, the birthplace of Guinness. Guinness Stew is essentially just a stew with meat, veggies, and Guinness, which only adds to the flavor! It really will warm you up on a cool day and the taste is absolutely delightful.

Pisto Manchego – Spain

Contributed by Cristina from My Little World of Travelling

Pisto Manchego, best recipes from around the world

Pisto, also well-known as Pisto Manchego, is a Spanish dish that comes from Castilla La Mancha region. However, the origin of this dish is Muslim, and this isn’t a surprise since Spain was conquered by Muslims for many years. It isn’t as popular internationally as paella, but you can find this dish almost any place in Spain.

The key for a good pisto is to use fresh vegetables, good quality olive oil as well as to let it cook slowly. This is one of my favorite recipes because it’s healthy, you can have it as a main or as a side, and it’s delicious. Also, it’s completely vegetarian.

Gnocchi – Italy

Contributed by Sara from WanderMoore

Italian gnocchi and gorgonzola cream sauce, delicious recipes from around the world. Photo credit: Sara, WanderMoore
Photo credit: Sara, WanderMoore

Ahhh Italy… one of my favorite places in the entire world. The people, the landscape, the history, and of course the amazing food and drinks! One of my favorite dishes from Italy is Gnocchi. These yummy little potato dumplings can be paired with any sauce you like and of course a nice glass of wine. To reminisce about Italy, we made homemade Gnocchi with a Gorgonzola cream sauce.

Poutine – Canada

Contributed by Lynn from Be Your Own Travel Guide

Canadian poutine, photo credit: Lynn, Be Your Own Travel Guide
photo credit: Lynn, Be Your Own Travel Guide

Canadians are known for a few things – maple syrup, being polite and making the most of long, cold winters. We also love a few foods that may seem odd to outsiders: maple syrup, ketchup chips, and the best of all of these, poutine. Why do Canadians like poutine? The answer is simple. It is DELICIOUS. Crispy fries, stringy melted cheese and warm gravy creates a smorgasbord for the mouth that is impossible to resist.

Created with Quebec cheese curds barely 50 years ago, poutine was even named in the Top 10 Canadian Inventions in 2007. To put that list into perspective, the top two Canadian inventions were Insulin and the telephone! This classic staple is now available from food trucks, at festivals, and even McDonalds. Luckily for you, poutine is super easy to make at home to enjoy any time of year.